Gym for kids with sensory issues to open in Mount Laurel – Courier Post

MOUNT LAUREL – It happened all the time. Minutes after Julie LaRochelle would arrive at a children’s play space with her two kids, she would end up apologizing for her younger son’s behavior. Diagnosed with sensory processing disorder, the 4-year-old wouldn’t follow the rules and would quickly become overstimulated.

The Glendora resident apologized over and over: sorry he’s too rough; sorry he’s not waiting his turn; sorry he butt in line. Unable to find an appropriate place for both her children, she and her husband decided to create one.

On Saturday, LaRochelle will open We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym for All Kids – Mount Laurel, an indoor gym at the Larchmont Commons Shopping Center on Route 38. While appropriate for all children, the gym targets families of children on the autism spectrum and other special needs. The space features “sensory safe” play areas, a zip line, swings, climbing structures, a trampoline, monkey bars, a rope wall, arts and crafts, a calming room with bean bag chairs, a bubble tube and toys to occupy busy fingers.

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